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    Tunneling Solutions

    Tunneling Solutions is Bee­trex’s so­lu­tion for am­pli­fied cov­er­age for mines, energy plants, constructions or any project that combines surface and subterranean communications.

    Regardless of the complexity or extension of the excavation or your operations, you can solve the communications with your work team and focus on the tasks at hand.

    The challenges that underground operations imply are varied and specific to the territory where the operations take place. You may find yourself surrounded by extreme noise, humid environment, long and deep distances, high-risk situations, or with a high number of staff exchanging crucial information at once, among many other scenarios. For each and every one of these, there is a tried and true solution that gives you back what’s of most importance: constant and crystal-clear communications.

    The first step is to an­a­lyze your needs and op­er­a­tions. With the rel­e­vant in­for­ma­tion and thanks to our ex­pe­ri­ence in the mat­ter, we de­sign a cus­tom-made so­lu­tion, in­stall the sys­tem and rig­or­ously test and sus­tain qual­ity con­trol.

    De­pend­ing on the na­ture of your op­er­a­tions, Bee­trex Tunneling So­lu­tions can work com­bined with Building and Rural Industry so­lu­tions.

    Bee­trex Tunneling So­lu­tion finds its great­est po­ten­tial in the mining, energy and building in­dus­tries.

    Crystal-Clear Digital Radio Communication