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    Digital vs. Analog

    Durante más de 80 años, la tecnología análoga ha resuelto situaciones de comunicación crítica día a día, con resultados positivos, gracias a lo amigable de su interfaz y a un sistema simplemente funcional.

    Sin embargo, ciertas presiones asociadas a requerimientos reglamentarios y las necesidades del mundo real exigen una mayor eficiencia espectral.Esto, combinado con una mejor calidad de llamada a mayores distancias, mayor privacidad, mayor duración de batería, etc., hacen que sea fundamental considerar la tecnología digital hoy para sus soluciones a largo plazo.

    Digital Technology Advantages

    Better Voice Quality

    The digital radio takes the sound of your voice and transmits it while filtering out background noise. The voice´s exceptional clarity is the result.

    Higher Scope

    Even though the radio´s signal strength decreases as it gets far away from de coverage area, the voice quality on analog radios distorts much easier and faster than digital radios.

    Double Each Channel´s Amount of Calls

    The same analog signal spectrum that gave you the chance to speak on one channel now gives you the chance to speak on two digital channels with information such as unit ID, status buttons, and enhanced text messages.

    Higher Battery Life

    Digital technology consumes much less battery for audio transmission (almost half of the analog´s consumption). If you use a digital radio your battery life will be extended on a 40% per charge.

    Analog Compatibility

    Digital signals can be handled by standardized antenna systems and existing infrastructure equipment. The digital platform provides a migration path that allows for simultaneous use of digital and analog radios.

    Flexibility on Applications

    A number of new software applications are available for use with the digital platform which lifts the limits of how and when a two-way radio becomes effective.

    Analog Technology Advantages

    Preferred by Most Users

    Analog systems use the natural voice, which is a feature preferred by many users. Also, analog systems make good use of bandwidth and are well understood by the general public.

    More Accessories Available

    Because analog has been around longer, the number of products and accessories offered is much larger and provides for more options than does digital.

    Learning Curve

    Due to its simplicity and how familiarized the user is with the equipment, an analog solution represents very little effort for first-time users.


    Since analog technology has been established for a while, the equipment´s prices are usually lower than digital equipment prices. Digital technology is on the rise in popularity.

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