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    Should I Rent or Purchase?

    Deciding whether rent or buy radio equipment could be pivotal to success. It all depends on the nature of the project to be covered.

    Big or small, be it a hotel or a large facility, during a concert or a conference or in any event management, the use you give to the radios always vary. To rent or purchase two-way radios for your communications is an important part of pre-production and always a success factor.

    The Advantages of Renting

    By renting, you avoid paying for equipment that may sit on the shelf for most of the year. Renting also puts much of the burden of repair, maintenance, and refreshing batteries onto your supplier. In addition, as communications technologies advance, renting helps ensure that you get radios with the latest features.

    The Advantages of Buying

    Buying radios can help control expenses. Once you’ve paid off your initial investment, you can get years of added value at a residual cost. In addition, many “seasonal” businesses now welcome visitors year-round. In such case, oftentimes the numbers add up and a purchase is way better.

    Mixed Rent/Buy Strategies

    Some resorts take advantage by keeping a permanent radio fleet and supplement it at peak times or for special uses. For instance, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Breaks, usually bring the biggest crowds of the year and renting extra radios makes sense at those times. They also may choose to rent heavy-duty, water-resistant radios for their outdoor staff, and maintain a permanent radio fleet of lower-cost radios for less demanding indoor use.

    Either indoors or outdoors two-way radios needs you could face, Beetrex has the expertise you need to get the best equipment at the best price with unparallel personalized service. We will be happy to receive your inquires and develop the perfect plan for your operations.

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