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Beetrex Console

Amplify your digital radio´s management possibilities. Make your operations´ efficiency higher with a real-time reading or your operations at your grasp.

With Beetrex´s Dispatch Console you have software with useful information, control over your equipment, up to date tech. Monitor a guard´s route, open a door remotely, start a group call or a private call, get alerts if an equipment exits the permitted area, deactivate or activate radios remotely, manage job tickets, among other capabilities.


Use your computer as a radio

PTT, online radio verification, private call: flexible and simple communication with all your fleet, with specific groups or with one radio in a private conversation.

Job Tickets

Task assignment and crucial information management: response time, pending or completed tasks, task status, priority, and reports.

Reports and events

Log preset events like calls, alerts, changes on the system, messages, indoor location on buildings, etc.

Indoor and outdoor location

Identify the equipment´s position on outdoors and indoors and set off entry and exit alerts according to preset geofences and routes.

Conversation recording

Control the equipment you desire to record during a period of time.

Panic button management

Send out, assist and answer an emergency call efficiently.

Smartphone Integration

Available on Android and iOS.

Text messages

Write preset text messages to radios with a display.

Radio administration

Manage all the users with a personal password, manage vehicles, pilots, schedules, shifts hours vía Bluetooth.

Monitoring and safety

Enabling and disabling equipment, remote monitoring, radio status (on, off, GPS, active or inactive), IP cameras synchronization.


Remote control of pumps, doors, fans and other equipment vía SCADA systems.

Web or software

Accessible from any PC or Mac through the web interface or software.

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