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Whether you have a project in mind, or just want to talk about your company, one of our team members can gladly pay you a visit, a call or shoot you an email.


    Beetrex´s signal quality and intensity are ready to use at the tip of your fingers, whether it’s for companies with custom-made solutions or for companies that take advantage of our current coverage potential.

    Custom made coverage

    From a building’s basement and mine tunnels to the penthouse or nature tourism, Beetrex can evaluate and design custom-made communication systems to guarantee that your communications are active at all times with a loud and clear signal. Ideal if you’re looking for a communications system that´s outside of our current available coverage. The first step is an evaluation to make a custom-made coverage.

    Available coverage

    En route verified and guaranteed communication, to the length and width within the regional communication network. Beetrex´s LCP repeater system was designed so your project can start working right away.

    Crystal-Clear Digital Radio Communication