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    Renace II – IV Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Hydroelectric projects Renace II and III are located in Cahabón river, while Renace IV is located in Canlich river, both in San Pedro Carchá, Alta Verapaz, in Guatemalan northern mountainous region. Access to mobile phone communication services around the projects is limited and unreliable; this, combined with the job´s intensity and the environmental conditions created the need for an alternative that communicated all the workgroups and that the equipment was robust enough to uphold the environmental conditions where they were to be used, for that reason, Beetrex´s Active Cable system included Motorola Solutions portable radios.

    In 2015 we were contacted by the contractor in charge of Renace II´s tunnel development to satisfy the need to communicate all workgroups. After a strategic planification meeting, a underground Beetrex Active Cable system was designed using the 5 tunnel entrances; this system was then linked to another system that provided coverage on the project´s surface.

    The same contractor, satisfied with the system´s performance, requested that a similar system was installed in Renace III and Renace IV, both systems worked simultaneously in both tunnels but completely independent one from another.

    As the contractor´s providers, we complied with industrial security norms, implemented in projects around the world, following regulations by norm OHSAS 18001:2007.

    A battery backup energy system was implemented to support Beetrex active cable system in the event of a power outage in the project to keep more than sixty users communicated.

    Mission-Critical Industrial Two-way Radio Communication