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    Marlin Mine

    For over 10 years, we had the honor to serve and be part of Marlin mine´s success, in Guatemala.

    The main challenge was to constantly adapt our communications solutions to the mine´s growing process without compromising one minute of effective communications while combining underground activity with surface activity, allowing us to connect workgroups on both working areas.

    We consider this was a success case because we saw a direct positive incidence in the administration´s productivity index, and we had the pleasure to participate in the mine´s work culture, collaboration and partnership.

    Project length:
    14 years (from 1993 to 2017)
    Clear communication in more than 47 kilometers of tunnels, distributed in several splits on the way and a 10 km circular coverage from the mine entry.
    Deployed equipment:
    Approximately 25 components, devices or remotely managed equipment, such as pumps, fans and remote terminal units (RTU).
    40 base radios for workshops, offices and underground refuges.
    322 rented portable radios and 299 portable radios for the mine´s contractors
    162 mobile radios during the whole project

    The project was developed in a completely rural area: San Marcos department in Guatemala. Our relation with Marlin Mine started by providing communications service to the contractor who was in charge of the access ramp in the early stages of the project. The mine´s administration recognized Beetrex´s job and required our communication solutions. For 10 years we solved critical communication challenges while being dynamic in the application of our solutions and adapting the communications system to the mine.

    According to the mine´s directives, our accompanying was a key role in the management process of the mine and it allowed the mine to produce 30% more thanks to effective radio communications.

    From soil movement in the surface to the mine´s closing process, our client required cero interference, 24/7, 365 days and to keep the signal´s quality. The radios couldn´t emit any noises nor interference in the workgroups´ communications.

    The mine´s dynamic growing process presented complex communication scenarios. Communication was needed between the mine´s entries, sometimes through the wall, and on multiple mine entries simultaneously. Conventional telephone service limits were proven because of the project´s location on rural Guatemala and underground activity. The radio helped to raise the limits. Communication was effective and constant thanks to the design and the knowledge on the matter, even when facing a very complex tunneling topology.

    The system was based on 7 communication channels because of the mine´s intense communication requirements: production, electricians, mechanics, topographers and 3 more for contractors.

    The system combined both, Beetrex Rural and Beetrex for Buildings technologies. Among the solutions that the mine used, one was the remote administration of water pumps and fans through data transmission with a computer interface and another was a portable communications system that allowed the geologists´ exploration outside coverage areas.

    Besides the application of the communication system, Beetrex also provided radios and industrial safety equipment that needed to perdure in harsh and intense mining applications.

    The use of worldwide recognized quality brands such as Motorola was key to our project´s success. Motorola MOTOTRBO analog and digital radios and accessories were up to the task, combined with guaranteed audio quality, coverage and functions that protected the miner´s life.

    “The radio is here until the very last day”

    In compliance with Marlin´s safety standards, the mine required a constant provision of NLT mining cap lamps, Lacrosse steel toe puncture-proof rubber boots, CAB wire hooks and vehicle equipment kits, which included a flagpole, flag, backup alarm, wedge, and beacon.

    Our team received several industrial safety courses in order to comply with the mine´s standards and regulations. System and equipment maintenance was done three times a year following the mine´s planning and development.

    Thanks to our performance in Marlin Mine, during all those years, we were able to provide similar services on projects such as Cerro Blanco Mine in Asunción Mita, Jutiapa and Escobal Mine, in San Rafael Las Flores, Santa Rosa, both projects in rural Guatemala.

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