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    Link between Xacbal and Xacbal Delta

    Xacbal Delta is another hydroelectric project that was established in Xacbal river, and it’s located approximately 4.5 kilometers upstream from Xacbal hydroelectric. This project is property of the same holding that developed Xacbal hydroelectric with whom we keep a very good comercial relationship.

    The customer requested that the communications system was extended to provide coverage to Xacbal Delta and to unify communications on both projects. The main objective was to supervise Xacbal Delta’s construction progress remotely from Xacbal and once this was completed a new requirement was presented.

    The machine room in any hydroelectric is the place where the energy is generated from the water’s flow energy through the tunnel. It is a deep place and workers need to be communicated with their teammates whether it is inside the machine room or outside on the surface.

    Thanks to the link between both project’s communication system it was possible to link communications from the deepest corner from Xacbal’s machine room to the deepest corner of Xacbal Delta’s machine room and be able to intervene from Guatemala City.

    The biggest challenge was completed to our customer’s satisfaction, who, like our competitors, believed it was impossible to communicate work teams at places as remote as both machine rooms. Beetrex communication system substituted an inefficient system in which interlocutors helped to carry messages from the speaker to the recipient and lost important pieces of information in the process.

    Having a reliable communications system like the one implemented to link Xacbal and Xacbal Delta is a key feature to considerably improve all the workgroups efficiency.

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