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    Comunicación con Radios de Dos Vías en Sótanos e Interiores

    Single Building Diagram

    Active Cable System provides a user friendly and reliable underground communication system.

    Why Active Cable?

    Radio waves travel by line-of-sight, making radio communications underground difficult. Beetrex’s Active Cable solves this problem by forming an antenna that is installed throughout the premises, providing complete radio communications coverage. Active Cable is strong and flexible, so there is no problem installing the network around corners and turns.

    How Active Cable Works

    Beetrex’s Active Cable is a type of coaxial cable that broadcasts radio signals throughout the premises. Amplifiers are installed along the Active Cable to boost the signal and compensate for cable loss. Branch units can be used to send lengths of cable down different pathways.

    Beetrex’s Active Cable System has the ability to scale and grow with a changing environment in any premises or tunnel. Each Active Cable System will be tailored to specific site requirements to provide the best radio coverage.

    Communications Rack

    The Communications Rack is normally located above ground at the start of an Active Cable System. Its purpose is to combine base radio signals and apply DC power to the Active Cable.

    Modular Building Diagram

    Comunicación con Radios de dos Vías para Misión Crítica